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Bike Rental

You don’t have to own a bike to get the benefits. We now offer bike rental! Sure, Denton is a walkable city, but sometimes you might need a little help. You don’t always need a car or want to worry about parking, but on occasion having a bicycle can make getting around campus, going to work, or just meeting friends that much easier. To help, Velo Republic is happy to provide a bike rental program.

Our bicycle rental program is a great option to help get around town or campus without needing to invest in a bike of your own. We even offer special semester plans for students at UNT or TWU, or even basic bike wheel rental plans. For more information, stop by the shop or give us a call!

Bike Rental | Velo Republic

Bicycle Rental

$100 for one day for premium bikes from Cannondale and Elsworth, $50 per each additional day

$50 per day for regular bikes, $25 per each additional day

$25 each additional day


$50 a day $25 each additional day

If you decide to purchase the bike or wheels within 90 days of the rental, the rental fees can be put towards your rental.